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when it’s ridiculous to hold out hope

Apr 22, 2015 | birds & bears | 3 comments

They have built another nest, my precious bluebird couple, in the bluebird box on our brick column. But just as last summer, she laid the eggs, incubated them only briefly, and now seems to have abandoned them.



It’s just about more than my heart can take.

I’ve studied up on the issue and don’t really know what is happening. It could be that a wren has gotten into the nest and punctured the eggs, although I can’t see evidence of that without removing them. I don’t dare touch as I still hold out hope she will return and by some miracle find them to be viable. It has been 10 days, which I know makes that virtually impossible.

I have seen her about on two or three occasions, poking for creepie crawlies down by the lake or clinging to the big tree on the side of our yard. I’ve seen a lot more of him, hanging out at the bird feeder in the early evening.




It’s a surprise to see him there because he doesn’t dine on the seed. He just sits on the crook and surveys the big back yard, then turns to face the house.




Perhaps he notices me there in the window. He seems to always take a moment to look me in the eye.



Hey there friend, I say. I’m here, cheering you on.



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  1. Jean McElroy

    We have not had a believed nesting in our houses this year!!! There seems to be less around, not sure why! Don’t give up, maybe she will be back. Keep me posted.

  2. Vickie

    Our bluebird couple keeps coming and going. We can’t see inside the birdhouse so we’re hoping we’ll soon see the fledgings. Never give up hope! xoxo


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