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Apr 9, 2015 | ideas & inspiration | 2 comments

I have the distinct privilege of working in a great company in a cool building with people who are oh-so-swell. I told you a bit about this in March Madness, where I brought you a quick glimpse via the magnificent Bracket Challenge entry by our own Jillian Owens.

Now there’s a just-as-fun Part II to the story. Because the 2015 WECO Bracket Challenge was won by my office mate and college basketball fan Katy Miller!

How fun is that?

Katy and Marcus, at the official ceremony

But wait. There’s more. LOOK WHAT SHE WON!

It's made of brackets.

It’s a WECO sign. Made of brackets.


I love these people.



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  1. Kevin

    One more fact: After Will parked illegally in a client designated parking space. His fine was to supply the prize for the WECO Bracket Challenge, which he fashioned from brackets. Most excellent work.

    • Cathy

      THAT MAKES IT EVEN BETTER! Thank you, Kevin!

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