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It’s Official!

Mar 12, 2015 | nature & awe | 5 comments

turtlesYou no doubt remember how much I love the sight of the Bickley’s Pond turtles sunning on the bank that edges our back yard. Today was clearly Day One of Spring–for there they were shell-to-shell, necks craned skyward. I took a moment to enjoy the view, thinking about two things:

1. How nice it was to feel the sunshine on my face
2. What it must be like for those turtles to feel it, too, after months and months beneath the muck and mud of the pond.

Oh, yes. It is time to celebrate Spring!



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    Spring is here!!! The robins and turtles are happy too!!

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      Yes, they are!

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    God bless ’em!

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    Love those turtles!

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      Me, too! Thanks, Vick!

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