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The Daily Grace

Wishing and Hoping

Feb 26, 2015 | birds & bears | 1 comment

The snow had come, the snow had gone, and in its wake we were left with a bitter cold rain that turned to ice. I mourned the missed opportunity, the very real truth that I’d have to wait another year for the mere chance at snow, another 12 months (or so) before there would even be the thrill of remote possibility. Then I looked out the window to see this guy.


In a flash he reminded me the critters are out there all up in it, doing their very best to find food and stay warm. No doubt the critters are out there wishing and hoping–hoping and wishing–for the blessing of an early Spring.


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1 Comment

  1. Brad

    A good point, Cathy.

    I enjoy the winter so much but I also have a warm home and warm clothing to help me bear it.

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