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10 Minutes of Joy

Feb 24, 2015 | nature & awe | 3 comments

Let’s just agree, shall we? Let’s just say right now that if I happen to stretch this snow thing out a bit–say, two posts, or three, or four–let’s just agree you’ll indulge me. You’re a sweet, generous soul, that I already know, and I’m hoping your goodness will translate to a big swath of patience when it comes to the very serious matter of me and snow.

It would be mighty kind of you, that’s what I’m saying. Mighty kind of you to overlook the teensy tiny little fact that snow fell this morning for–erh, 10 minutes? maybe?–and that when it was all said and done there was not even what a rational person could call a dusting on the ground. It would be mighty kind of you look beyond the fact I didn’t touch the stuff, didn’t even get outside in it because I was soaking wet, having nearly missed the Snow Event completely when I (CURSES!) abandoned the dream and stepped into the shower, preparing to report–in cold, cold rain–for JURY DUTY. But God is good, and so there we were, me in a towel, snow in all its white fluffy glory, face to face at the big kitchen window.

It’s such a rarity here, that’s the thing. Located as we are in the middle of the middle of the South, the falling of big fat flakes is such a rarity I am suggesting (whole-heartedly) that the mere possibility of snow is a legitimate cause for community-wide celebration.

Run to the store for bread and milk and kahlua–I won’t judge! Call off school before the first flake ever falls–you won’t hear me complain! Have that We Probably Won’t Have To Work Tomorrow So I’ll Have Another glass of wine–I’m all in!

It was so worth it for the 10 minutes of unbridled joy today’s weather delivered.

It was so worth it for 10 minutes of LOOK! IT’S SNOWING!!!!



2.24.15 on Bickley’s Pond




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  1. Sharon

    I agree! There is just something magical about snowfall. It does take me back to Wise County and a peaceful settling in my heart.

  2. Rosie

    It brought back memories to you. A short documentary in your head from your hometown where you probably got comfortable with so much snow.

  3. Jill Sarkozi

    I grew up in the south and I remember feeling the magical feeling for snow you felt today and it’s refreshing to relive that childlike wonder. I live in NY now where the childlike wonder for snow is no where to be found, except in children. My mind is clouded by the surrounding adult voices, declaring it nothing but a curse. It was so joyful to be re-acquainted with the magic and wonder of snow. Thank you!


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