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For Love of a Children’s Sermon

Nov 25, 2014 | god & grace | 2 comments

Of children’s sermons, I am a big fan. And those at Providence Presbyterian? Even better. Sweet Emily, who delivers them each week, has a remarkable gift for simplifying complicated biblical concepts and sharing them in a way that reaches most every heart—young and old—in our congregation.

Just this Sunday she said something that stuck, something I will carry with me as I make my way through this holiday week.

Instead of Thanksgiving, said Emily, let’s think of it like this:


How I love the sound of that.



A little Thanksliving.
My friend, Lila Anna, gets a little cooking help from one of her five sons, Graeme.


  1. Rosie Locke

    I was raised Presbyterian and never heard such a simple, thought provoking idea.

  2. Brad

    The way you have been aggressively extending our Goodwill brand, I am surprised you did not recommend to your preacher that she mention, “Thanks for giving.”

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