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happy accidents

Sep 14, 2014 | nature & awe | 3 comments

I have a new writing desk in my so-fun studio downstairs. It’s a swell little grey number on rollers, the perfect size to fit between the brick columns that previously defined the room as an open air porch. Last November we closed it all in, creating the most wonderful space for me to paint, write, make things, play.

The desk itself, as I said, is there between the columns, centered on a gigantic window that looks out over our back yard and just beyond, Bickley’s Pond.

It makes me so happy.

I was doing a little work in that very spot this week when I happened to glance up from my laptop screen to get this pretty view of the zinnia bed. It is so filled with flowers it is truly ridiculous. And yet I can’t bring myself to thin them out. For some reason, I am much more content to just watch the show as stem after stem does its best to outshine and out dance its neighbors. I reached for my camera and took a shot without getting up from my chair, not realizing the window’s frame partially blocked the view.


a happy accident


It was a good mistake, I think, the smudgy bottom edge adding an interesting element to the photo I didn’t intend at all.

Don’t you love it when that happens?



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  1. nancy

    I don’t take pictures but I see them. Today it was a new fascinating wild plant and an old friend Iron Weed. They were “pictures” in the bottoms where I was helping Carey pick squash and peppers. I keep looking at John’s camera. M<aybe One day I will pick it up. You are inspiring.

  2. Jean McElroy

    I love it when you write, can’t wait for your first book!!! Love you girl friend

  3. vickie

    yes, yes I do.

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