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Hot Dog!

Aug 30, 2014 | nature & awe | 5 comments

With all we’ve got going on, can we squeeze in a quick trip to New York for Labor Day?

That’s what my husband asked me several weeks ago. It won’t take much for you to believe my immediate answer was yes.

We’re very lucky, you see, that Tim’s sister and her family live just outside the city. So we not only have a wonderful place to stay—we also have the most perfect host/ess for our trips north.

Colette picked us up at the airport and whisked us straight into the city for a walk through Central Park. I am fortunate to have made many trips to The Big Apple, but I’ve never actually strolled these famous grounds. Stop One? Lunch from a NYC street cart!

yeah, i did.

yeah, i did.

Then we spent a couple of hours making our way through the park, from the sailboat pond to the merry-go-round; past the skating rink and around Strawberry Fields. It was magical.


On our way out of the park we headed into the Metropolitan Museum, where we breezed through the current Garry Winogrand photography exhibit (remarkable) and up to the rooftop for a cocktail and this gorgeous view of the city.


Then dinner with friends at a fun and fabulous restaurant on the Lower East Side, The Mermaid Inn. (I feel so local throwing around phrases like “dinner on the Lower East Side.”) Perfection.

How happy I am to be here in this city, enjoying it with people I love!


  1. colette

    You are just so fun to read – and it was great to relive our wonderful weekend! Perfection!

  2. Brad

    You lucky, lucky girl.

    I am green.

    • Cathy

      It is always magical to visit New York, right? Thanks, Brad!

  3. nancy

    WE actually lived in The City on 42nd Street in the forties and I was there in the fifties.Once staying in Cousin Susan’s apartment across from Central Park and another time I attended a play staring Tallulah Bankhead and afterwards was in Times Square for New Year’s Eve. Happy that you and Tim will have great memories Too.

    • Cathy

      Wow! Wow!!! I didn’t know. What thrilling experiences–the “real” New York. I need more detail. Thank you, thank you!

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