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7.15.14 Arriving in Barcelona

Jul 15, 2014 | travel & adventure | 3 comments


I couldn’t sleep on the plane I was so excited to land in Barcelona. Who doesn’t dream of a getaway to Spain? But for me there was more. I knew this would happen the moment Eliza got out of class and made her way to Placa de Catalunya, where Tim and I would be waiting.




A mighty fine moment, for sure, after six weeks studying abroad. But then there was this, which also made my heart sing. Eliza’s besty, Katie, is in Spain with us, and as the two of them headed away from us and back toward Eliza’s dorm, I marveled at their confidence, their maturity, their grace.




What a summer this has been.




  1. colleen


  2. jc

    The beautiful heartstrings of Motherhood. Enjoy every splendid moment in Spain. Love and Light.

  3. Lisa

    so happy you made it and that sweet girl was waiting….have a fabulous time!!!!!

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