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Meanwhile, at the bluebird nest

Jun 19, 2014 | birds & bears | 2 comments

There are new things to worry about, now that the bluebirds have a Summer nest. We’ve hardly raised Harry and the boys—as you well know they took their first flight just four weeks ago—and lo and behold there is a new clutch of four more eggs! At least these are tucked safely inside a real bluebird house that hangs securely on the brick column just outside my studio window. (We learned so much last time.) But I have to say June has brought a whole new slew of treacherous possibilities that keep me on edge, and we’ll just start with these two.

How will she they all of them ever survive the heat?




She’s sitting on the nest 24 hours a day. Columbia is famously hot and today it reached 95. What’s it like to be in that box at 3pm on a day like today?


photo #001

Oh, the things we mothers will endure.


While the location of bluebird house is much more secure, I have recently become aware of a snake’s ability to slither up a brick wall. This freaks me out, as I have first-hand knowledge of at least two snakes that live in our yard, and that’s not counting the babies that snake experts assure me have been born this Spring. So even though my Hero Husband Tim killed that seven foot snake that was sitting ON TOP OF THE MALLARD NEST EATING THE EGGS WHILE THEIR MAMA TRIED TO SAVE THEM—oh, wait. Wait wait wait. Did I not tell you about that?

Well then, do I have a story coming up for you.

I’ll just leave you with this.





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  1. Sharon

    You are stressing me OUT!!!!

    • Cathy

      I know! Me, too!!!

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