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Baby Bluebirds, The Movie

May 6, 2014 | birds & bears | 8 comments

mouth-3It’s nearly impossible to see into the bluebird nest, something I’ve mentioned before. This is a very GOOD thing, yes? Unless you are…let’s say…ME, and what you want is a confirming look that those babies are doing fine.

Better still, a little video proof.

How could I make this happen, in short order and without unnecessarily upsetting the Mama and/or Papa? What I needed was a moment alone with the babies, a feeding time opening when the parents were out rustling up some wormy grub, and a tiny bit of light pointed right down into that birdhouse hole. That made this a two-man job.

And along comes my sweet Eliza, just home from her junior year in college. I grabbed her by the arm and drug her down the stairs to the studio to see my new babies. (She was very accommodating, even if not that interested until she actually saw them. Then she swooned, just like me. Could you just shine your little iPhone light right in there? I asked. I’d like to see if it’s possible to grab a little video clip.

Oh, did we succeed. Look at this show, no doubt brought to us by Baby Harry.

I laugh every time I see it. What joy these little creatures bring!

Bluebird babies, Day 5


  1. jc


  2. Eddie

    Harry needs a haircut……….whoops, I meant a feather cut! Too cute!

  3. vickie

    Harry is also a rock star! xo

    • Cathy

      Seems to be a trend here on Bickley’s, right?

  4. Cheryl

    I love these birdies!!!

    • Cathy

      Me, too. So fun to watch them grow–and to watch those loving parents! Thanks, Cheryl.

  5. Lisa

    they are so cute….ahhhh

    • Cathy

      Aren’t they? Love!


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