The Daily Grace
The Daily Grace

Day 21: The eagle has landed.

Apr 16, 2014 | birds & bears | 6 comments


And just like that there he was, sitting in our yard at the edge of the pond.

How cool is that I thought. How cool is that.


30 Days of Grace III


  1. Vickie

    Your ecosystem on Bickley’s pond makes my heart sing! Those rock and roll ducks are something else.

    • Cathy

      Okay, Vick. So now I will think of them as the rock and roll ducks. That is fantastic!

  2. Joretta

    I do so hope the big E and the pouffy-heads can co-exist at Bickley’s pond. Looking forward to more wonderful pictures.

    • Cathy

      They seem to be doing well so far, Joretta. In fact, I saw a convocation of ducks INCLUDING the pouffy-heads just yesterday, all swimming around happily together! (No eagle sightings lately, though.)

  3. carey

    very cool, love the ducks too. granddaddy would have gotten a thrill out of seeing them I believe…I sure did! I need to come visit & sit by your ‘pond window’, c

    • Cathy

      Yes, you must! Post-pollen we can even sit on the big screen porch or out on the pond-side deck! Those ducks are really something.

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