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The Daily Grace

Word for the Year (v.3)

Jan 9, 2014 | ideas & inspiration | 4 comments

It’s a practice I began three years ago, this notion of a Word for the Year. I am a wanderer, you see, a bloom-to-bloom grazer well served by any semblance of a centering focus. So when writer Winn Collier introduced the concept of a Word for the Year via his mighty blog, I jumped on the bandwagon, beginning my watch for a 2012 word. In due course it arrived, settled in, and I stood back in awe as the universe rearranged, intent on delivering just what my new word promised, just what I needed in my life at that time and in the 11 months that were to follow.

Last January, it happened again, this grand arrival of a 2013 word, a word that brought focus to my days and months and year.

(So you can see why this Word business is very serious to me.)

Late last month, my radar up, a potential 2014 word appeared in my life. It stood tall and strong, a word so insistent it hardly required considering. It was just suddenly there, unmoving, a deal done. But then the strangest thing happened. Another word floated in, lighter than air, and landed right on its shoulder. This new word sparkled a bit (catching my eye), then lifted off with such ease and nonchalance I found my heart lighter, my spirits lifted.

The next day, there it was again, this word, floating around the edges of my consciousness. It hung there a while, happy and complete, so unself-conscious in itself I found myself a bit mesmerized. It winked, then I watched as the big bold already-in-residence word dissolved before my very eyes, replaced by light and joy and the magnificence of my I Now Declare It word for 2014:






My Word for 2014: laugh

(I think it’s going to be a very good year!)


  1. david

    I’m new to blogs but long to the earth- your words reminded me of the inherent beauty found within the spirit of us- yours being tuned to meaningful days for you and found moments for me- thank you for bing you (loved the choice of images ,too- a realm where much of my spirit dwells)

  2. Eddie

    LOL……….and often!

  3. Courtney

    Hoping 2014 brings you every variation imaginable. Chuckles, chortles, snickers, giggles, and guffaws at a minimum. 🙂 <3

  4. vickie

    Splendid! Tickled pink for you!

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