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Sweet, Savory November

Nov 24, 2013 | god & grace | 1 comment

No one can bring life into focus for me quite like my dear friend, Julie Marr. On her blog, verytrulyjulie, she offers “love letters from a writing life” — gentle, soulful posts that speak of the tiny little moments that, woven together, form the rich tapestry of our days.

I am often moved to tears by her observations and the delicate way in which she shares them. It is poetry, pure, profound and beautiful.

Take this one, for instance.

November is textured and brilliant, a van Gogh painting with brush strokes of genius and soulful undertones.

By the short post’s end, I was in tears. Read November Notes, by my friend Julie Marr, and let your soul be nourished.


— November Notes by Julie Degni Marr, verytrulyjulie

1 Comment

  1. Julie

    You’re way too good to me, friend! So thankful for YOU this week and always. xoox

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