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Nov 13, 2013 | god & grace | 1 comment

It is the kind of thought that causes a shift, I think, a change in the way you consider something you’ve known all your life. Something that has been right in front of you forever but when you look at it in this new light you realize it is not what you thought at all.

Listen I heard her say.

Listen as if you don’t already know the answer.


I would have characterized myself a pretty good listener, had you asked. In fact I’ve made a career of it. As a brand strategist, my job begins and ends with listening—hearing my clients when they describe their challenges and fears, opening my imagination to new “what ifs,” working within passionate teams that demand of each other the willingness to see “same-old same olds” in new ways. In fact, a primary mantra at Riggs Partners is Listen generously. We repeat it often.

So why did as if you don’t already know the answer come at me so fast? It made me realize that whether in a business meeting, at a cocktail party or in a telephone conversation with my daughter, what I often listen for is confirmation that what I am already thinking is accurate. How much I have missed, I now realize, because I let information pass me by, listening for an easier bit of perspective to grab onto—perspective that already matches my own.

Listen as if you don’t already know the answer.

How much bigger will the world become when I intentionally go about the business of listening from this empty canvas place? How rich and vast and colorful and interesting?

Listen as if you don’t already know the answer.

That, my friends, may well change everything.

1 Comment

  1. Nancy

    Thank you Thank you Thank you I realize how I have been listening. Now to change. I am determined. Gratitude and Love, Nancy

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