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Sep 17, 2013 | god & grace | 1 comment

It still surprises me, this finding of feathers everywhere all these months after that first acknowledgment of their presence in my life. You’d think I might have lost interest, or stopped noticing.

But no. And even if there were—and may I say there really hasn’t been—a disposition towards acceptance/complacency, God and His angels throw a little you who my way with rather surprising frequency.

Take this one from last week, for instance.

I was working from home when I took a short break to dish up some lunch. I stepped out onto the side porch for a little clip of basil and as I leaned down to snip snip—hanging right there, right in midair just beyond the leaves, a tiny little feather. I could hardly have missed it, placed as it was just in my line of sight as I reached toward the herb. And if that were not enough, this little white blessing floated there against the dark shadowed backdrop of the Holly in—I’m not kidding here—midair. It swayed and twirled and danced with such graceful abandon I stood there a minute and watched, my own heart lifting.


I reached for this magical feather, to add it to my growing collection, and discovered its secret. The little guy had become entangled in the languishing silk strand of a spider’s web, one built long ago (and now dismantled) in the shrubbery behind to the herb planter.

What a sweet moment the joyful dance of this #featherfind brought me in the middle of an ordinary day, a day filled with work and laundry and leftovers.

What a happy reminder of grace, daily and omnipotent.



1 Comment

  1. Nancy Kollock

    It is gracious of God to send us little reminders of His Love. Your Post is a reminder to keep open so that we won’t miss them.

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