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Eagle Proof: Hello Fall

Aug 30, 2013 | birds & bears

I’m thinking they’ve summered in the Hamptons is what I thought just yesterday as I considered the Bickely’s Pond eagles, that devoted pair who’ve shared the thrill of their rearing of three broods (six babies) with us. Sightings have been rare since that night Dad was here, a gift of nature for which I am still grateful.

And then this morning, from the corner of the kitchen window, I caught a glimpse of that familiar white tail crossing the sky above Bickley’s Pond. In the Eagle’s talons was a gigantic branch, a sure sign nesting season is upon us.

My heart skipped a beat. Since the tree that held their gigantic nest fell—the one here in full view, just at the edge of the pond—the Eagle couple has been homekeeping deep in the woods, just beyond our neighborhood. (Do you remember the trek Jay, Tim and I took to find them last Spring? Thrilling!)

Not 30 minutes later, out of my bathroom window, another sighting of the Eagle, this time in the air above the Cope’s pool.

And then the flight back.

It’s enough to cause me to pronounce that as of this very moment, Summer is making way for Fall. I can feel it (and see it) in the air.

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