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Crows, and Growing

Jul 26, 2013 | Moments of Grace | 1 comment

Cousins: Cathy and Meg, 2009


This email from my cousin, Meg Kollock Hall, arrived rather quietly after I wrote of my sadness about the approaching departure of my daughter, who leaves for college next week. It touched me so deeply I asked her permission to share it with you here. I’m so glad she said yes.



I just finished reading your latest entry. I feel your ache.

Houstoun was a child at 12 and miraculously a young adult less than a year later. I thought he would never leave the stage where he put his head under my shirt when he was shy.

I know he will one day leave this nest on Parkway.

Our summers are so different than the ones I knew as a child. It is our busy time of year. We smoosh in fun at the beginning and the end, but in the middle we dash around…all the while Houstoun is growing up …I have been thinking a lot about how to gracefully move to the next step in our relationship. I know it is harder for me than him.

During this crazy time, the crows have been patient ….we don’t have regular left overs. We tend to eat out when we can since I don’t like to cook after a long day of rental renovation. They have been leaving feathers for me. Long, silky, black….but more recently soft, downy ones.

I can’t help but think of your interpretation of feathers. Those little tufts of fluff remind me to be kind to myself and those I love.

Thanks for sharing even when it hurts.





1 Comment

  1. julie

    you two cousins are beautiful birds of a feather. and, yes, ‘thanks for sharing even when it hurts.’ xo

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