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Jul 23, 2013 | Uncategorized

I wish you could see the time stamp on the photos. That’s how unbelievable the phenomenon has become, this raining of feathers, this prayer answered so directly, so distinctly. 

(In fact, I wouldn’t believe me if I were you.)

And still it’s true. All of it.


The summer has passed in an instant. I fully expected it; that’s a benefit of facing Eliza’s Grand College Departure for the third time. And yet there is more this time, another layer of poignant. It has to do with the rain, I think, and the unexpected 70-degree days here in July’s thick midsection. I keep waiting for summer to arrive—true summer—so she and I can make the most of it, together. But it’s as if the season’s a late dinner guest and I’m a fretting hostess. It’s fine, no big deal I say out loud to no one at all as the voice in my head teases and taunts everything’s already ruined.

And so we are here, her end-of-summer liberation approaching fast as I (the Mom) grab desperately for mementos of June.


It is the thought I had on my mind as I woke up this morning, a rousing that was bitter and sweet. Circumstances are such that I have been alone for two days and the entire episode has served as not much more than a sobering reminder of the emptiness of August. I chastised myself for a moment, attempting to summon strength and a quick return to the more sensible me.

Then there again, through the big kitchen window, I saw the glints on the muddy pond.

It can’t be I thought, not again.

It’s too early.

We’ve two more weeks before she goes.

And yet.

My heart was lifted again, a powerful reminder that life is good; God is good; I am loved.


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