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Timid, Am I

Jun 3, 2013 | nature & awe | 4 comments

I am a timid gardner.

Not so my cousin Carey, a courageous soul who doesn’t hesitate a single moment before filling any available container with dirt, compost, and a colorful selection of greenery and flowers.


All she sees is the potential to make a space more interesting, more beautiful, more alive. See?



Carey’s approach makes for a delightful, eclectic, imaginative garden filled with little surprises everywhere you look. Like this.






Walking through her gardens got me to thinking about “planting” in a completely new way. In fact, I got so excited about the possibilities that she sent me home with an overflowing box of them.


Yea! Cuttings from Carey’s garden(s)!


This is what I learned from Carey:

The very best way to think about the garden is as a joyful platform for exploration, for experimentation, for growth.

And fun. Lots and lots of fun.


Carey’s in-motion bottle tree


And doesn’t that just change everything?


sweet love in Carey’s garden


  1. Nancy Kollock

    When I walk through Carey’s garden it lifts my spirit. The ordinary and

    unexpected things there in a profusion of flowers. It rocks my “left brainess” .

    • Cathy

      Little surprises everywhere!

  2. Debbie

    I love this! I want to do more of these things in my space!

    • Cathy

      Isn’t it so much fun?

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