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May 3, 2013 | birds & bears

It was so quiet around here all those months between the demise of the great eagle nest and our discovery that (to go with the new nest back there in the woods) there is a new baby eagle.

Now it is not so quiet. This baby screams day and night, and it doesn’t matter what the big bird is up to. Perching on a branch, standing on the ground, flying in gigantic swoops above Bickley’s Pond—it screams and screeches like nobody’s business. Most curious, it regularly crashes right into a perching parent with such force it’s a wonder they don’t all come tumbling down.

Just tonight we heard such a racket Tim and I both headed up the driveway for a look. Big Baby came swooping down and knocked into one of the parents with such great force I still can’t imagine how the older bird held on. But sure enough, after 20 or 30 seconds of great wings flapping, the Big Baby lifted off and landed in a neighboring tree. Things calmed a bit until BB came back, finding a spot a respectable distance from Mom and Dad.

And still that baby carried on!

I’m thinking these next weeks will be long ones for our eagle parents. How happy I am they have several years of experience under their majestic belts.


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