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Feeling Ducky

Apr 21, 2013 | ideas & inspiration

It’s a bit of a crazy thing, this fact that we planted three snowball bushes along the fence line, down near the water, down at the base of our yard. And what do you think happened? A fantastic Spring blossoming of exactly ONE gigantic snowball.

Still, it is rather magnificent, isn’t it?

Early yesterday we walked down to investigate.

As Tim and Colleen discussed the intricate details of the fence line landscaping plan, I caught sight of a pair ducks paddling straight toward us—ducks unfamiliar to me.

I stood there for a moment wondering what on earth was going on as they came closer and closer, faster and faster.

And just like that they were out of the water and waddling straight for us.

I think they’re babies I said to T and C, still deep in conversation, still with their backs to the unfolding action.

They paraded around a while, those ducks, not one bit concerned our sweet dog Little Bit was there taking in their every move.

Until LB lunged that is, causing T and C to abandon their conversation and causing the ducklings to high-tail it back to the water.

But in short order they came right back, rejoining our little pond’s-edge party.

They wandered here and there, eventually plopping right down in a low spot for a curled-together nap.

What a fun few minutes we had watching those babies, welcoming them to our little corner of the pond. How I hope they decide to stay.



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