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Apr 16, 2013 | god & grace | 3 comments

My husband is a marathoner. I’ve been there, at the finish line. With my children.

I know the moment.

The finish line is in sight. You have pushed through, carried on, conquered. There is a purity in the exuberance, the coming together of runner and cheerer, an exultation of body and will and spirit.

The triumph of that moment.

The cruelty of that moment.

It feels like hatred has won. And still I remind myself over and over and over.

Love will always overcome.



  1. Lisa R

    Evil and cruelty are undone by kindness and fearlessness! The greatest gift we can give is love!! Run farther and love deeper!!

  2. Jenn

    Every runner has discovered how strong their spirit truly is just by running. What person wouldn’t gain confidence in life by redefining their personal limitations beyond anything they ever dreamed of. Therefore, a runner’s spirit cannot be broken by this senseless, cowardly act of violence. We will come back stronger and show you what pure joy really is. Again.
    Gone runnin’,

    • Cathy

      You are so right, Jenn. Thank you for this beautiful perspective.

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