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Mar 13, 2013 | nature & awe | 8 comments

It serves me right, I’d have to say, hawk-hater that I’ve become. There was the attack on Gus and his family—that awful day back in November when we* lost one of the babies and when Gus (the hero) sustained such debilitating wounds. Then there was my exchange with fellow instagrammer @hayen regarding hawk terrorization of our neighborhoods: small dogs, walk at your own risk.

Yes. Of late, I’ve been giving careful consideration to the circle of life and the role these evil-doers—menacing, predatory, birds of prey—play in it.


Hey babe. Look there on Blu’s branch. There’s a bird I haven’t seen before.

I grabbed my camera, hoping against hope I could get a good enough shot from the distance of the kitchen window to at least identify the species. But another tree blocked the view, so I headed out the side door. I slowly made my way down the hill, practicing my silent Indian-in-the-Woods walk.

That’s the bird I saw over by the dam last week, I thought. Could it be one of Jay’s owls, finally come to visit our side of the lake?

I continued on, and that big bird didn’t move. Click click click went my camera. Creep creep creep went my feet. And suddenly I was right there, so close I could see the curve of his beak.

It was no owl. But what a spectacular animal.

I nearly broke into a run as I headed back to the house, excited to download the shots and find his kind in one of my bird books. How thrilling to have a new addition to our Bickley’s Pond watch.

(You’ve no doubt guessed it by now.)

I’d like to introduce our hawk.

I’m a bit disappointed by the whole thing, to tell you the truth, this shattering of my illusion that hawks are big and black and brooding. In fact, I may well stay here, parked square in the middle of a dichotomy my mind can’t reconcile.

I think this bird is beautiful.

I still hate hawks.


*Don’t you like the way I’ve just elbowed myself into the family of humans who look after those Lamboll Street Guineas?


  1. Bonnie Gilbreth

    As I was feeding Gus and the fam Tu night first one bird then another would hear something and stand straight up and start squawking. Then from out of nowhere, a hawk swooped down parallel along the side of the house, pretty low. All four guineas went nuts! Fortunatley it was just a ‘fly by’ but I’m thinking he is casing the joint for a future meal. Mother Nature is cruel!

    • Cathy

      Oh, Bonnie. This worries me. I wish there was something to do. Thinking of those sweet guineas and their little family.

  2. Catherine

    Aunt Cathy, I love reading your posts. And your pictures are always amazing!

    Love you,

    • Cathy

      How happy my heart is that you read thedailygrace and that you commented. Thank you so much, my sweet Catherine!

  3. Sharon

    Gorgeous picture! I hate hawks too….they eat our squirrels and baby rabbits

    • Cathy

      I hadn’t even thought of the rabbits. We one that likes (liked?) to hang around under the bird feeder. Now that I think of it, haven’t seen him in a while!

  4. Susan

    Here in AZ we have the same problems. They swoop down out of the sky and suddenly a beloved small cat or dog is gone. But that bird in your photos is magnificent and awfully hard to hate. This situation reminds me of something I’ve heard in church: “Hate the sin, but love the sinner.” Do you reckon that will work for hawks?

    • Cathy

      I like it!

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