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The Best Line Ever In A Blog

Feb 28, 2013 | food & cooking

Reading posts from blogs I love is a true (and rather unexpected) joy in my life today. Ree Drummond’s Confessions of a Pioneer Woman is one. She’s not only a famous blogger, she’s also a TV Star with a Food Network show I love even more than her blog.

(I secretly want to live her life for a few months, as do—I expect—many of her fans. It’s the same with Mighty Girl, San Francisco; Camille Styles, Austin; A Cup of Jo, NYC, Food Loves Writing, Nashville.) All wildly different. All aspirational.

Anyway. Ree’s Tuesday post Ain’t Got No Power is a classic and contains what I believe to be the best line ever in a blog:

At least I know that I know the truth.

Don’t you love? It’s not only a great sentiment, it’s the basis for every blog post ever written. I swear it.

At least I know that I know the truth.

Read the enitre post here. You’ll love the thought in context, and Ree Drummond, even more.


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