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the walk

Jan 15, 2013 | ideas & inspiration | 2 comments

I can’t believe how out of shape I am, is my constant thought these days.

My shoulder hurts.

My knees pop.

My posture? Let’s not even go there.

On Saturday, my sweet husband and I went for a not-that-serious walk in the neighborhood and

oh God

I became winded.



I was recounting this ridiculousness at a gathering Saturday night when my amazing friend Julie, the most positive person I know, said:

You know what’s great about that? You can go on the same walk tomorrow, and it will hurt less.



Isn’t that truth at the heart of so much that is glorious in life? Our ability to recover, to rebuild, to strengthen? Isn’t it rather miraculous that another chance exists right now, right this very moment?

And so I did walk, the very next day. It was not only easier, I found great rewards all along the way.

Well, hello. Where have YOU been?

Little Bit, ready and waiting

Come on. Come on!

Quincy and Carson, my sweet neighbors, an unexpected surprise

This walking stuff might not be so bad after all.


  1. Eliza

    you go girl

    • Cathy

      smiley face here

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