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The Daily Grace

Day 21: Use It Up

Jan 2, 2013 | 30 Days of Joy | 2 comments

It has no preservatives, she said, my friend Stephanie, when I opened the jar for a quick sniff. You’ll want to use it up in the next couple of weeks.

That was a gift to me, this request, this requirement that I get on with it now. I am a saver, you see, a saver of the worst kind. I save so intently that the most precious things that come my way I inevitably put away for some future use, stored forever (or until I move, whichever comes first).

Not this scrub. I took it right to the shower, right that very morning.

I opened it up and man oh man the smell of that peppermint—what a delight. I dug in.

Most surprising to me, I spooned out grand portions of that Peppermint Sugar Scrub as if there were no tomorrow.

Now my skin feels as joyful as my heart.

What a lovely, thoughtful gift. Thank you, thank you, my sweet friend Stephanie!

 30 Days of Joy


  1. Susan

    I’m a saver, too! Sometimes I save things and let them ruin. Your post has inspired me to do better. Why is that the more I learn about you, the more I learn about myself? Your posts are often the highlight of my days. Happy New Year from Arizona.

  2. Esther

    I was given one also and I have enjoyed mine too. Our Stephanie is so sweet. 🙂


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