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Day 8: From the Fellowship Mall

Dec 15, 2012 | 30 Days of Joy

Providence Players in The Wishing Tree

It’s a cute story with such a sweet message, said my friend, Cindy, about the Christmas play performed by our youth this year, the youth at Providence Presbyterian Church.

And it was. The Wishing Tree is the story of a group of teenagers working in a mall on Christmas Eve. Each member of this group of colorful individuals finds his or her wildest Christmas wish granted because each is a wish for someone else.

But the magic of this show is not in the play itself. It is, instead, in the spirit of the performers; a band of believers who share the joy of this miraculous season with so much heart it touched my soul in a beautiful, joyful way.

I am grateful to the Providence Players one and all—and, in particular, their fearless leader, Andy Simmons. Their performance of The Wishing Tree is a sweet, sweet gift to every person in the audience.


Want to go? Tickets are available at the door for tonight’s (December 15, 2012) performance of The Wishing Tree. Curtain rises at 7:00 pm. Providence Presbyterian is located at 1112 Hummingbird Lane in West Columbia, SC.


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