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The Daily Grace

Counting Sheep

Sep 12, 2012 | god & grace | 2 comments

A grove of trees edges our pond, just across the water there, exactly where the sun rises. I woke up long before it peaked over the leafy tops yesterday, an occurrence worthy of mention if only for its rarity. I am a deep and easy sleeper.

But on that day, 9/11/12, I opened my eyes to find the bedroom inky dark. The french door blinds were open, and I looked out at the night, guessing at the time. Should I make my way to the bathroom, reasonably sure it was nearly dawn (and a great opportunity to get the day started a bit early for a change)? Or should I stay still in the quiet, expecting to fall back into dreamland with little hesitation or effort?

I did not get up.

But I didn’t fall asleep either, at least not for a long while. Instead I lay there thinking of the date, thinking of the many families who would awaken to face the day with sad, heavy hearts.

I have so much to be grateful for I thought. So, so much. And I began to count my blessings.

One, two, three. Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty. And on and on, for a long, long time. And before I knew it I felt my consciousness rise again, lifting me from another deep sleep. My eyes opened to find the lake trees bathed in a magnificent light, an orange halo, the promise of another day.

A thousand times I looked toward that 9/11 sky, making my way through the day. Every single time, it was glorious.

8:15 am

8:25 am

7:15 pm

7:30 pm

Thanks and praise be to God. Thanks and praise.


  1. Ashley Thomas

    So beautiful.

  2. Pam Plowden

    Once again… you made me cry.

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