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Venice, first blush

Jun 27, 2012 | travel & adventure

There was lots we wanted to see and do on Day One in Venice, and it was all underlined with this objective: Stay awake. We’d both experienced intense week-before-vacation-work insanity, then had gotten up early on Saturday to catch the flight. By the time we checked into our hotel in Italy, we had been awake 26 hours. And it was only 2pm. We showered, dressed for the heat, and headed out the door.

With all that lay ahead for us in that magical city, it turned out that staying awake was not a problem at all.

We walked out the door to find this: the Basilica di San Marco

And then this, on the square. Italy featherfind #1

So maybe this featherfind is not so miraculous after all.

Brit? Australian? American??

a trinket for every tourist

a taste of Carnival

keeping an eye on St. Mark's Square


And it’s early yet.

{ Trip of a Lifetime, Day 1: Sunday }



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