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The Daily Grace

Day 30: Eva’s Note

May 26, 2012 | 30 Days of Grace | 1 comment

Had there been a sign around my neck it certainly would have read depleted. The day had been filled with physical and emotional challenge. And another, just like it, lay ahead. All I could do was shower and head for a quiet, soft bed.

Then I opened my email to find this: a sweet note from my little friend Eva. She and I spent last Sunday afternoon looking for baby Eagles, picking wildflowers, and eating ice cream sandwiches on a big blanket in my back yard. I smiled to read her words, and I thought about the way God always finds a way to sneak a little grace into into my life just when I need it most (but don’t expect it to be there).

Eva's note

What a perfect way to wrap up 30 Days of Grace II.

I hope you, too, find something every day that reminds you that you are loved, that your life matters, that God is there. He is always there.


1 Comment

  1. vickie

    So sweet. Eva sees the important stuff. She could teach us all a lesson.

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