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The Daily Grace

Day 28: When Life Gets Loud

May 23, 2012 | 30 Days of Grace | 1 comment

day is done

I walked through this house tonight, immersed—enveloped, you could even say—in the quietude of it all. She is off to the beach for a friend-filled, There’s-Nothing-Like-A-College-Summer getaway. (I envy her that. Might as well be honest.)  He, too, is away, working a job that is filled with new adventure.

And that, dear friends, is how I find myself here alone for the night. This is the thought that occurred to me as I headed for the cozy bedroom without turning on a single lamp:

This house sure feels lonesome tonight.

But then I sat down to write and realized nothing could be further from the truth. The pond just beyond our grass has come alive and its night-sounds fill this room with life. With the porch doors open, there is a cacophony so loud and layered it swells and recedes and swells again as the bull frogs and owls and katydids make their presence known in the inky darkness.

How grateful I am that this is my world.

I think of the prayer that has been on my heart of late:

My life has gotten loud and confusing.
Please give me time. Please give me space.

And here I am in this big house tonight, my prayer—no doubt—answered.

I'm never really alone with sweet Little Bit around.

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1 Comment

  1. Trish S. Rigg

    Again – your blog is inspiring. But remember when your life is loud – then those you love and need in your life are around you – and when it is confusing – then things are happening in your life. I would much rather have that situation than quiet-without being surrounded by the people I love and stale (couldn’t think of a better word) meaning that there is nothing happening in my life worth thinking about. 🙂

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