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22. Happy May Day!

May 1, 2012 | nature & awe

The next part of The Eagle Story is coming right up. (To catch up, there’s Part I, in which—just last week—the Eagle nest fell, and Part II, in which I go back to the beginning of the story, the 2009 babies. Did they ever fly? Did they survive? Then what happened? More to come.)

In the meantime, please allow me to post this in honor of May Day:

doorstep in downtown Columbia

As young girls growing up together in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, my friend Suzann and I welcomed this sweetest of months with our version of the May Day tradition. We’d gather little bouquets of flowers, place them on a neighbor’s doorstep, then ring the bell and flee—hiding just out of view as the door opened and the “delighted” commenced.

It was a simple, sweet celebration of this official* first day of summer.

Happy May Day to you!

30 Days of Grace II

*Summer is the swiftest of seasons, don’t you agree? How much nicer it is to consider May 1st summer’s beginning, thus positioning the solstice nearer the halfway mark. A longer summer season. Yea!


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