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When the Answer is Clear

Apr 12, 2012 | reading & recs | 1 comment

Tonight I had a delightful dinner with three friends I don’t see nearly often enough. And since we lingered long after the table had been cleared, night had fully fallen by the time I made my way to the car. I drove home in the dark, thinking about the late hour and how little I could “get done” before bedtime. This is the refrain that ran through my head:

  1. I think I’ll write a blog post.
  2. I think I’ll read, instead.
  3. No, write.
  4. No, read.
  5. No…

(I can hear those of you who know me well chuckling as you read this. Soooo me.)

Face washed, jammies on, I tucked myself into bed and booted up the MacBook. To my great joy, my google reader immediately offered a new post from the marvelous Julie Degni Marr, of verytruly, julie. Immediately, I clicked on Dear Day:

Did you know that April 12th is Drop Everything And Read Day? her post began.

Well. I think I shall put away this computer and get on with Stephen King’s 11/22/63. (Have you? A fascinating read.)

Good night, my friends!

NOTE: I must fess up and acknowledge my second use of elipses this year. That means I’m done until 2014.

1 Comment

  1. julie Marr

    Your kind words mean so much. Michele was telling me just this week that the Stephen King book is phenomenal! It’s on my list. I just treated myself to THE SHOEMAKER’S WIFE by Adriana Trigiani, the cover art alone being worth the price. Thirty minutes a day to joy!

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