The Daily Grace
The Daily Grace

11. To Every Woman Who Inspires Me

Apr 1, 2012 | grace | 4 comments

I give thanks that the month just passed was filled with powerful reconnection, joyful celebration, soul to soul conversation, and friendships—old and new.

To all the March women who enriched my life

with courage



(and a little friendly competition).

With grace,

and spirit,



photo credit: Girls Scouts of SC, Mountains to Midlands




and deep, abiding love.


Also in March I made a new friend, brought to me by way of this blog. This was in my fortune cookie that day, cracked open after a delightful lunch in which Anne and I discovered how very much we have in common :

Oh, I do need them.

How blessed I am in this life.

30 Days of Grace II


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    You bless all of us who are so very fortunate to call you friend!

  2. Avatar

    What a blessing you are!

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    Love your blog and pictures of these awesome women! It was so great to see you at Edisto, my dear friend. I love you!!


    Love those yellow tulips:)

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      Every time a see a yellow tulip, I smile.

      Love you my friend!

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