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10. A Little Soul Nourishment

Mar 27, 2012 | 30 Days of Grace | 1 comment


It’s an apt description of Sunday’s brunch, during which we six gathered for the first time in way too many months. Or has it been years? I am afraid that just might be the case.

You see, Vickie, Suzann and I have been friends since elementary school. And now our lives are scattered along the East Coast. But a rather remarkable development happened along the way, as each of us little mountain girls married handsome, smart Pennsylvania boys. And those three have become quite a trio themselves.

It makes for a large affair when we all get together, as we did this weekend over brunch at Suzann and David’s. There was so much to talk about! And so little time. And an abundance of fabulous, fabulous food. (Thank you, Suzann, the best cook I know.)

We toasted our friendship, shared war stories, laughed heartily and long. Then too soon, the cozy afternoon came to an end and we ventured back into the world, tummies filled with bread pudding, hearts overflowing with love.

Suzann's Fabulous Tartin

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  1. Sharon

    Wonderful friendships!! You all look so beautiful and Happy!

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