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The Daily Grace

7. Then she said …

Mar 22, 2012 | Moments of Grace

So this is what my friend, Anne Creed, had to say about my questioning of God’s wisdom in bombarding us with pollen during the most pleasant of months:

I don’t know, Cathy. I like the relentlessness of pollen. I like how I find it under my car hood in December, a reminder of springs past and springs to come. I love to watch clouds of it blow from pine trees. Pollen says: Pay Attention! And that nothing beautiful comes on its own. I like how it quickly falls, even within an hour, and keeps covering our cars, our porches, our dogs. I like the assault of all that goodness that is spring and its promise that you really can start over. Who but God would say, ‘I’ll dust them all with yellow, and make them ask why.’ There is a glory in pollen. Uncover your porch and sit (then cover back up again) and wonder.


Vickie Quigg, my dear friend from childhood, wrote this about Starry Starry Night:

I asked our good friend, Bill Womble, why he thought so many of us were posting sky photos. He answered, ‘Because it’s always available and right outside your door? Doesn’t run away, move suddenly or get impatient? Is versatile and dynamic, rife with ever-changing texture, color and brightness? Harbors the simplest of beauty up to the most complex mysteries of the universe?’

Yep, I think that’s it.



From Jeff Amberg, a friend and a most talented photographer, on My Soul-Stirring Aha post on Brene Brown’s Ted Talk On Vulnerability:

Thanks Cathy ~ The best 20 minutes this week. A few years ago I realized how important surrender is, to the pressures, and just let the spirit be the guide. This has changed my whole outlook. Now this. A video that makes so much sense it’s scary, scary in a good way. It’s like the next level of letting go, total surrender and permission to be who you are, not who you ain’t.



Upon reading about my recent fall, the wonderful Julie Marr commented:

C – sending you a huge typewritten hug after the fact! I’m so sorry about the fall and thankful that you were wrapped in tenderness afterward. You are loved!!!


I love writing this blog, that’s for sure. I especially love it when someone reads something that moves them and they make a Facebook comment, jot off an email to me, write back via the comments section, make mention when we chat.

It’s then I am reminded that often—very, very often—the real grace in my day comes from friends like you. For that, I offer a prayer of thanks.



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