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Enockson, and the Haiti Orphan Project

Mar 11, 2012 | 30 Days of Grace | 5 comments

I had hardly hit “post” on my commitment to 30 Days of Grace II when my phone binged with a text.

Hello from Enockson! Thanks for all you do! it said.

In an instant, my eyes filled with tears. This special text had come to me from Haiti, where 8-year-old Enockson lives with 10 other boys at the Grace Children’s Home. Displaced by poverty and the devastating 2010 earthquake, these children have been brought to Grace where they have safe, clean water, three nutritious meals a day, adequate healthcare, a warm bed, clothes to wear, a good education, and lots and lots of love.

This weekend was particularly special because the founders of the Haiti Orphan Foundation—six ordinary men from my hometown of Columbia—had secured enough sponsors to bring three more boys to the home. Several of them were there, helping with the transition. No doubt one of them was on the other end of that text, with Enock.

There is so much to say about this remarkable ministry, and I expect I will share some of those stories in the days to come. (It has had a profound effect on me.) But for now, let me simply thank Enock, my little friend a world away, for an unexpected text that on Day One, filled my heart with love.


Learn more about the Haiti Orphan Foundation and sponsorship opportunities here

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  1. Fran

    I love that you are writing about the orphanage in Haiti! My kids youth pastor is one of those 6 “extraordinary” men that are responsible for making this home a reality. We have the privilege of sponsoring one of the boys who just came and I got to see his picture for the fist time on my Facebook. We have sponsored children in the past through many organizations but I have never been able to see and hear about them from someone who knows them personally. We hope to take our whole family there to meet him and the other boys at Grace when the team goes back. I also want to tell you about the amazing families that stay behind while their husbands go out into the mission field, their own children and wives are here in Columbia. They are able to skype with the kids their at Grace and it has been a blessing to watch the families at home support their spouses passions.

  2. Frankie Dee Pruitt

    My name is Frankie Dee. I am a freshmen at the University of South Carolina. Last week I went to Haiti with the First Baptist Church. We worked at the Grace Children’s Home all week. Believe me, I immediately fell in love with each of the children. They have so much love to offer! If I could afford it i would absolutely love to sponsor a child! So i just want to thank you for what you do!

    • Cathy

      What a wonderful gift you gave those children by being there! I hope to go someday. Just seeing the photos shows how much love they have to give! Thanks for reading the post and especially for commenting. As a friend said to me once: All our candles together burn brighter!

  3. Corrie

    Just found your blog. Someone posted it on Facebook. I work at a college for all black males–Morehouse College-and would love to help with this initiative. I will click on the link, but let me know if there is anything I can do specifically and thank you for writing.

    • Cathy

      Thank you so much for commenting on my post and offering to help! I will ask the founders to send you an information packet with more details. I’m sure they would be thrilled to have an advocate at Morehouse and/or in your community, as well, if you would be open to just helping them spread the word.

      I must say it really is an incredible story, in that these six guys—two are physicians, two are ministers—just saw the news reports on television when the earthquake occurred, felt called to help, gathered medical supplies, and flew to Haiti. They had no credentials, nowhere to stay, nothing. Just got themselves there to see how they could help. After a life-changing week there, they made the decision to stay involved, specifically to help the children of Haiti. Grace Children’s Home, which is overseen by people who live there and who understand the culture (which I think is so important and smart of them), is the resulting effort.

      Once the Haiti Orphan Foundation has secured enough funding to reach capacity in terms of boys, they plan to add another building to house girls. Pretty amazing.

      I could go on and on, but I’ll just end with a great big Thank You! I will send you an email privately so that you can let me know where you’d like the packet sent.

      Thanks again.

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