The Daily Grace
The Daily Grace

a poem, of winter

Feb 21, 2012 | god & grace

I am afraid I shall bloom to soon, I said

staring through the window’s glass
to branches bare, and grey.
An artist’s stroke, a loaded brush,
A flick of the wrist and there.
A trunk, a limb, a limb
angling, reaching skyward.

It is pronounced and beautiful
this winter tree
holding its ground, standing strong
a blue blue sky. A sky

too soft for this season.
A sky for June.

life shoots forth
green, effortless
from ground that offers no resistance.

It is February

the heart of a winter
that wasn’t,

and so we all look about at the warm

but confused

the birds   the plants

and I.

~ cmonetti



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Hi. I’m Cathy.

This is a blog about writing, creative living, and grace in the everyday. It’s my hope this little spot on the internet will be for you a place of quiet and reflection, a source for inspiration, and a reminder there’s beauty all around—we simply need to keep our hearts open to see it. Thank you for being here with me.

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