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On Vulnerability (Or My Soul-Stirring Aha)

Feb 15, 2012 | god & grace | 4 comments

(Am I really going to intro this VIP—Very Important Post—with commentary on death and dying? Hum. Looks like I am.)

So this is what I believe.

I believe that when you die, there is a split second moment in which every mystery of the universe is revealed to you. I believe this profound clarity—immense beyond human comprehension—brings with it a release and a joy and a peace that is, to us now, unimaginable. It is the moment in which there is no longer any struggle, any doubt. Just pure, divine, glorious understanding.

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say I felt a tiny bit of that clarity when, early this morning, I stumbled onto Brene Brown‘s TEDx Talk on vulnerability. It feels silly to even admit how randomly I came upon it: a digital click click click path that lead to a passing tweet by a someone I neither recognize nor follow. (And what on earth compelled me to click again on the link in the tweet? I can’t even say.)

But I landed here, on a video of Brene’s talk about our human need to connect and how that most basic of needs is tied to vulnerability, and courage, and shame.

Take 20 minutes to watch it. I’ll bet your perspective will shift just a little and you’ll be left with the same thought I have:

This. Explains. Everything.


If you experience buffering trouble, here is the direct link to the TEDx Talk



  1. Jeff

    Thanks Cathy ~ The best 20 minutes this week. A few years ago I realized how important surrender is, to the pressures, and just let the spirit be the guide. This has changed my whole outlook. Now this. A video that makes so much sense it’s scary, scary in a good way. It’s like then next level of letting go, total surrender and permission to be who you are, not who you ain’t.


    • Cathy

      I feel exactly the same way, Jeff. Thank you for the insightful comment!

  2. Pam Plowden

    Remember when i sent this to you a year or so ago? i bet I have watched it twenty times. love it!!!

    • Cathy

      For some reason, I did not watch it then. I will never, ever, ever again not stop whatever I am doing the minute you send me a link. To think I could have missed this completely!


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