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The Daily Grace

Day 6: The Easiest Holiday Drink Ever (and a lot of parentheses)

Dec 3, 2011 | ideas & inspiration

Looking for a fun, sparkly, this-requires-no-work-or-planning holiday drink? Introducing my friend Teresa’s Blood Orange Bubbly. May I just say, oh my.

Here’s all that’s required.

Here’s how you make it. Start by filling a pretty glass with ice, then pour over a shot of your favorite vodka*.

Top with the magic ingredient: Italian Blood Orange Soda, from World Market. (You can also add a squeeze of fresh lime, if you have it on hand.)

BONUS: Ten calories a serving. (There is also a fully loaded version.)

It’s gets all bubbly and happy when you pour it in,

and becomes the perfect little why don’t we just make this a party beverage.

So grab a pile of cards to be addressed, presents to be wrapped, or baking to be done. I promise a little Blood Orange Bubbly will make it all more festive.

*but hey, it is the holidays

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