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eleven wishes on 11.11.11 at 11:11

Nov 11, 2011 | god & grace | 5 comments

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In no particular order

  1. To have one perfect, fluffy snow this winter
  2. Less humidity
  3. A happy holiday season for my brother and his wife in japan
  4. To grow 4 inches taller
  5. A client that will allow me to use a llama illustration
  6. For every student I have to find a job quickly after graduation
  7. Many lives for my cat
  8. Inspiration
  9. Seriously, a cure for cancer
  10. Arrested development to return to tv
  11. More numerically symmetrical days.

cathy monetti

  1. i wish my sister-in-law could live a healthy life without chemo or radiation or endless trips to Mayo
  2. i wish Clemson would end the season 12-1
  3. i wish i knew how to meditate
  4. i wish i didn’t have to wash my face before bedtime
  5. i wish i had known my father-in-law, Bob Monetti
  6. i wish sharon todd (my high school friend) and i lived in the same town
  7. i wish tim and i had a cabin in the mountains
  8. i wish i liked to run
  9. i wish all my closets and drawers were organized and stayed that way
  10. i wish i had a built-in refrigerator (does that make me shallow?)
  11. i wish i could take a trip with my mother


  1. Leslie

    Who says you have to wash your face before bedtime? That’s wasted energy when it’s just gonna be washed in the am shower.

    • Cathy

      That means I can change this wish to:
      I wish bread was a superfood.

  2. Julie

    I missed this yesterday but I would have wished for the same thing eleven times.

    • Cathy

      i think we can both just wish for it right now.

  3. yolanda

    me too!!!

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