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The Daily Grace

Day 5: When Gratitude is Deep and Far and Wide

Sep 19, 2011 | 30 Days of Grace | 3 comments

September 15th, 2011 marks the 14th time our team at Riggs Partners, along with a band of fearless creative volunteers, has devoted 30+ hours (straight) to solving the marketing challenges of local nonprofits. And every year, the chorus from those we serve is the same:

You will never know how much this means to us.
We are overwhelmed with the gift of this work.
We will never be able to adequately thank you.

Now I understand those sentiments. Because this year, our friends at Emulsion Arts in Charlotte joined us for the crazy marathon that is CreateAthon. And this time, we were on the receiving end of an incredibly beautiful and generous gift.

The grand story of CreateAthon 2011, perfectly told by Joanne Hock and her team of fearless creatives. We are humbled and deeply, deeply grateful.

30 Days of Grace


  1. Tim

    watched it a third time, it just gets better.

  2. Cathy

    I think you are right.
    And Allison, you were certainly one of the many blessings of CreateAthon 2011. More to come in future posts 🙂

  3. Allison Caldwell

    Beautiful! Somehow I think think this should count for more than one day. 🙂


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