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30 Days of Fun: Day Twenty-Eight

Aug 10, 2011 | 30 Days of Fun

I am a saver.

I don’t say that with pride because I save ridiculous things. Like new clothes, that hang in my closet, tags on, waiting for an occasion worthy of a spectacular new outfit. They reside there so long the season comes and goes, and the joy of wearing the new thing loses all its sparkle before ever making its public debut.

(I have always admired my daughter, who from the age of three would proudly wear any new purchase right on up to the cash register and then out into the world. Snow boots in summer, party dress on a random Tuesday afternoon, Cinderella gown and tiara just for the ride home, if not the entire evening).

I save food. In my pantry, you’ll find special spice combinations and chef-inspired appetizer makings and very special Christmas offerings that live there until I throw them out, two years past their eat by dates.

And so tonight, when I retrieved my brand spanking new Martha Stewart Living magazine/September issue from the pile of mail on the counter, I fixed myself a cool beverage (in a crystal highball glass rather than the plastic tumbler I would have used, just because it seemed more fun) and headed to the screen porch for a full, indulgent reading. On the very day it arrived.

Allow me to say this. Magazines are a particular burden, with the penchant for saving that I have. They arrive, all seven I subscribe to, only to get piled on the coffee table for a week or two, then moved under it as newer ones arrive. Weeks pass, and I dig through the pile to find the oldest one (wouldn’t want to get out of order!) and start to read. Never mind that I’m learning about new pumpkin carving techniques in May; I will not throw out one I haven’t read or go out of order. (They may one day write an obituary about me, “the crazy lady who was smothered under a pile of magazines she hadn’t read but couldn’t throw out.”)

So reading the September issue of Living on August 9th was a bit wild for me. But this is what I learned:

  1. I can pot cuttings from my coleus and geraniums to keep as houseplants throughout the winter. Who knew?
  2. Now is a good time to edit my summer pictures, printing the ones that are scrapbook-worthy. Good idea, particularly for the very organized among us. (ahem)
  3. I think I will actually cut some herbs from my garden and dry them. To accomplish, just wrap kitchen twine around the stems, then hang them upside down in a cool, dry place for four to 10 days.
  4. I think this interlocking monogram is swell.
  5. As much as I love mango, and creme brulee, and lime, (albeit individually), this dish is right up my alley. (Dang, I can’t share it since there is no digital link. Guess you’ll have to read your own September issue.)

Following this reading of the current issue of Living, my September promises to be filled with interesting things to do. Maybe that will be my next 30 Days experiment?

Thanks, Martha!

getting ready for a delightful (and timely!) session with the September issue


lightening actually strikes, and the september issue and i move inside

30 Days of Fun is inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Mighty Girl.


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