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30 Days of Fun: Day Twenty-Two, v.2

Aug 3, 2011 | 30 Days of Fun

I rarely hear from my hometown friend Mike Gilliam, but when I do, it’s always something worth it.
Today it was a “short imagined monologue” on Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. After much consideration, I have decided not to provide the exact link here, because it is just…so…colorful. But oh is it funny. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

Of course, I then had to wander around McSweeney’s for a while and came upon Answers to All of Life’s Questions. Also priceless, and much less likely to offend.

I’m ending Day Twenty-Two with a commitment to write and submit to McSweeney’s. I’ve identified my topic, and I’ve got a good start on the post. I’ll tell you about it here before our 30 Days is done.

Until next time, my friends. Go out and laugh big!

Editor’s Note: If you want the exact link to the very funny, very offensive short imagined monologue, shoot me an email to 

30 Days of Fun is inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Mighty Girl.


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